Values & Leadership Conference

About the Conference

The Beginning

The annual conference sponsored by the CSLEE stands out as the most tangible evidence of our scholarship and creative professional work in this field since 1996. Inspired by Dr. Paul Begley’s visionary leadership and commitment to scholarship that would bring people together, the conference focuses on problems of practice and, as Dr. Begley often appreciated – lively debate.  Since the summer of 1996 a considerable amount of intellectual momentum has developed in the field of values and ethics within Canada, the United States and world-wide. We think our Center can justifiably claim some credit for this phenomenon. Consider that in the twenty years the center has existed it has annually hosted successful conferences. These conferences have been delivered at center affiliated university locations such as Los Angeles, Toronto (Ontario), Charlottesville (Virginia), State College (PA), Umea (Sweden), Brisbane (Queensland), Oklahoma City, and Huntsville (Ontario). The conference has also been delivered twice in Bridgetown (Barbados), and three times in Victoria (British Columbia). Average attendance has been about 100 participants, although in recent years the conference has consistently attracted more than 130 attendees each year. Typically 75 or more individual presentations are delivered at the most recent conferences. This annual conference has become an institution.

The Keynote Presentations

Keynote presentations and research papers address issues in ethical leadership, ethics, and education from a variety of perspectives, across local and global contexts, and through consideration of multiple literacies. Unique to this conference is a focus on ethics and social justice in education, as well as discussion of ethical development and ethical leadership in diverse educational realms (from educational policy and administration to pedagogy and classroom practices).

Unique to this Conference

A key feature of this conference includes making connections among people and ideas. Presentations and featured events are intended to mirror the conference themes and provide a collegial space for discussion and collaboration. We continue the tradition of past CSLEE Values and Leadership Conferences in which established and emerging scholars along with education practitioners engage in conversation with a richly diverse group of speakers to foster authentic networking and partnership.

Conference Information


2018 Values & Leadership Conference

The theme of the conference is Walking the Talk: Ethics, Leadership, and the Quest for Inclusive Practice. The Values and Leadership Conference is a two-day conference that promotes research and reflection on issues in values, morals, and leadership in education.

Penn State University Pollock Road

Previous Values & Leadership Conferences

Conferences have been delivered at center affiliated university locations such as Los Angeles, London (Ontario),Toronto (Ontario), Charlottesville (Virginia), State College (PA), Umea (Sweden), Brisbane (Queensland), Oklahoma City, and Huntsville (Ontario).


The Consortium for the Study of Leadership and Ethics in Education